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Empire of Noxus

Noxus, officially the Empire of Noxus, is the second largest nation on Earth. It encompasses the entire African continent as well as the real life Israel, Jordan, and southern Syria. Noxus is the second least populous nation on Earth, with 86.3 million residents. As a result, it's GDP per capita is the highest in the world at $686,475 (2017 US dollars), owing to their well-established aerospace and defense economy. As of 2068, Noxus has spent nearly N6 trillion ($13.1 t) and 20 years on the terraforming of Mars, intending to make the planet habitable to human life by 2075.

Since their independence from their bitter Blodfjellian enemies on 18 June 1946, Noxus' multiethnic society has since slowly merged into a common culture, language, and religion. As a result, efforts by some with ancestry from vanishing tribes are working to preserve their language and culture. The official languages of Noxus are Noxian, Zulu, and Hebrew. The Noxian language is of Freljordian (Nordic regions) origin - it developed from Blodfjellian and is required to be spoken by all Noxian citizens.

Noxus has been fraught with conflict with Blodfjell since declaring independence. The bloodiest year of the ongoing conflict, in 2066, was marked by the first combat usage of a stealth multiple independent reentry vehicle (MIRV) fusion weapon - against Blodfjell. An estimated 1.53 billion people died in and around St. Petersburg, a major military city. Thus far, Blodfjell has attempted to reclaim the continent of Africa five times, and has failed four of those times. Until only recently, peace has been brokered between these two nations primarily because Blodfjellian military strength has substantially faltered since the 2066 genocide, the Fifth Noxian Campaign, and the Nagashima Campaign.


The name "Noxus", strictly speaking, is from the real life video game League of Legends. (For a detailed etymology and origin of the name "Noxus" in League of Legends, please visit their wiki.) In League, Noxians pride themselves in the strength of their military as well as their great diversity.


Prehistory and Expansion of Zulu tribes (debating if I should keep it as-is like real life because it really wouldn't make sense any other way.)

Blodfjellian colonization

The continent of Africa enjoyed little colonization from the Blodfjellian continent until the year 1605, when shipwrecked Demacian merchants were taken care of by Zulu natives living on the southern tip of the African continent. Upon arriving back in Bergen three years after their stranding, they reported back to the king [please give me a name of one, BigViking] that the cape they were stranded at could be used as a restocking depot for several month-long voyages between the East and the Blodfjellian continent.

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